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Tour of the Bohemian Middle Uplands II

Tour of the Bohemian Middle Uplands II

Route length: 53 km

Description of the route:

  • Louny - Lenešice - Břvany - Milá - Bečov - Korozluky - Měrunice - Řisuty - Židovice - Mnichovský Týnec - Chraberce - Oblík - Raná - Lenešický chlum - Lenešice - Louny



A possibility to have a swim in the indoor swimming pool, or there are the outdoor swimming pool grounds in the south-western edge of the town. The town walls and reconstructed bastions, the Žatec Gate, the neo-Renaissance town hall built between 1886 and 1887 and also the Gothic House of Sokols of Mory, today a museum,

are the main attractions of the town.

Lenešický rybník /Lenešice Pond/


A significant ornithological site.


During the brown coal mining activities, traces of a

settlement from the time of 100,000 years ago were discovered on the Písečný vrch /Sand Hillock/. In the village there is the Baroque Church of St Giles from 1677 and the statue of Saint John of Nepomuk. The popular Míla´s Pond spreads towards the north.

Lužice I and II

Swimming ponds.


In the village you can see the Church of St Stanislav, originally Gothic, but later rebuilt in the Imperial style at the beginning of the 19th century. Czech garnets were mined here in the 19th century.


The interesting peak (536 m above sea level) with debris fields; circular mounds on the northern foothill.


The Baroque Church of St Bernard, dating back to 1700, but already devastated today, can be found in the village. 

Mnichovský Týnec

You can see the pseudo-Gothic Chapel of St Wenceslas from the 19th century.


The basalt hill located south-west of Mnichovský Týnec.


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