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The unfinished church in Panenský Týnec.

Address: Panenský Týnec 10, Panenský Týnec 439 05

Telephone: +420 415 694 129

E-mail: starosta@panenskytynec.cz
WWW: www.panenskytynec.cz

Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region
GPS: 50°17'45.03"N, 13°54'58.58"E


The unfinished church is the very magnificent masterpiece of the Czech gothic style. The church itself should consist of 21m long chancel (presbyteries), which is 9m wide and 20m high. Today we can admire only the rests from the southern wall with portico, the half of the western wall and some rests of the other walls. There were originally 4 pillars, but nowadays there is only one, which is a part of the belfry built much later (baroque style).

The energy power line makes the cross-form in this church, with its crossing as the strongest point.  That should be known even in the time of Plichta of Zerotin who decided to build the church here. It is said the other building could not resist this natural power and should default the local mystical power.



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