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The Touchovice salt

Between Opocno and Touchovice, opposite the Calvary, you can see a small hill. It is called the salt hill which is a part of the local story. Two representatives of the village thought they can grow salt in the local fields and get rich. They knew it is possible to grow corn, beans and any vegetable there, so they expected the same process should be suitable for growing salt. They seeded it in early spring and then they were observing regularly its growing. The salt grew very fast, it was high and dense. The reeve decided to sample it himself. At the edge of the field plants tasted rather hot and bitter. It was no salt, but nettles! The reeve did not give up and wanted to taste the best plants in the middle of this field, but he did not want to stomp their harvest, so he sat on the dung palanquin and four councilors had to carry him there.

So, such clever ones used to be there!!!

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