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The Jewish monuments in Louny

Address: Hilbertova 79, Louny 44001

Type: Monuments
Location: Louny

The history of Jewish community in Louny is rather complicated and very long. They participated in our history very much, but nowadays we have no active Jews here in our town. You can find many Jewish houses in the Jewish street, there used to be a Jewish school and the house of the “Only-Jew”. In Hilbertova street you can find the Jewish synagogue, which is out of use today. The torahs of Louny you can find in Philadelphia, they bought them after WW II., and took them there. Since 1950 the building was used for another purposes, today there is the local archive.

In Rakovnická street there is the Jewish graveyard with different graves and the Ceremony Hall, decorated and still use for this purposes. To visit it ask the graveyard supervisor to open it.

Louny is a rich in a history of very famous Jewish businessman – here was born not only Mr. Franta, Glazer, Taussig, but also Mr. Bulova, the watchmaker and goldsmith known especially in the U.S.A.

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