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Louny - Křivoklát

Louny - KřivoklátLouny - Křivoklát

Route length: 59 km

Description of the route:

  • Louny - Cítoliby -      Líšťany - Senkov - Kocanda - Ročov - Třeboc - Hředle - Mutějovice - Krupá      - Krušovice - Řevničov - Městečko – Křivoklát



A possibility to have a swim in the indoor swimming pool, or there are the outdoor swimming pool grounds in the south-western edge of the town. The town walls and reconstructed bastions, the Žatec Gate, the neo-Renaissance town hall built between 1886 and 1887 and also the Gothic House of Sokols of Mory, today a museum, are the main attractions of the town.


The dominant feature of the village is the Church of St James the Greater. Interior of the church is decorated with sculptures by Mathias Bernard Braun, and the altar paintings were made by Václav Vavřinec Reiner. In the south-western part of the village stands a three-winged chateau. Out of the original set of 44 Baroque stone sculptures just a few have survived to this day, the oldest one being the Holy Trinity Column from 1680.


A Baroque sandstone statue of Madonna from 1713 stands in the park in Horní Ročov. The baroque chapel of St Adalbert of Prague from the 18th century is located at the entrance to the village from the town of Louny. In Dolní Ročov stands the Monastery of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary that belongs to the Augustinian order.



Archaeological finds, old farm tools, hop labels, a well-pre

served tower clock mechanism, as well as documents from the Communist period are on display in the ex

hibition of the RuralMuseum in Hředle at the village square, near the Church of All Saints.


Visit the Poddžbánský minipivovar /Under the Džbán Uplands

Mini-brewery/ where beer is brewed according the original recipe and where you can enjoy traditional Czech home-made cuisine in the brewery restaurant.


Krušovice Brewery offers a walk through its history, which dates back to 1548. When visiting individual operational premises, you will learn about the production of beer wort in the brewing room, about the main beer fermentation and final fermentation in tanks, filtration and bottling. At the end of the tour you will be able to enjoy a tasting of beers with the Krušovice crown, which was already appreciated by the Emperor Rudolf II. The brewery shop offers a wide assortment of beer gifts and local beers. There is also a range of beer cosmetics.



Křivoklát Castle is situated on the territory of the township village of Křivoklát and is one of the oldest and most import

ant medieval castles of Czech princes and kings, who initially used it as a hunting castle. Inside the castle is a series of valuable areas refurbished in the late-Gothic style, and, above all, the chap

el with a preserved late- Gothic painted altar that belongs to one of the most important Gothic spaces in the country. The castle acquired its name either after its curved foundations, or after the low crooked trees, known as kláty /wiggles/. A new circuit On the Walls is waiting for you here this year!

In the village you can also visit the MotorcycleMuseum , which exhibits the complete range of travel, serially manufactured motorcycles of the Jawa and ČZ brands, manufactured from 1929 or, more precisely, from 1932 to 1953, examples of motorcycles of these brands manufactured later, ČZ scooters, Praga motorcycles, Pionýr motorcycles and more.

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