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The spring Luna

The natural spring with curative effects is noted for its uniqueness, because it is the deepest curative spring in the Czech republic. It is used to treat digestive disorders. The similar quality waters are in Georgia  in Borzomi and in France in Vichy, nowhere else in Europe we can find it. Doe to its permanent temperature, the spring is available the whole year round. It is accessible in three places and is widely known for its quality.

Since 1962 there is the powerful source of gaseous mineralized thermal water, which comes from 1100-1200 m depth. The water has high carbon-hydrocarbonate water and it pulsates up to 0,6 m above the wellhead.

Water contains: salt 17,5 g  (4489mg Na+, 710mg Cl-), CO₂ 1450 mg/l

Pressure: 426 mOsm/kg             

Pramen Luna

Pramen Luna, Zdroj: Pramen Luna

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