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Village Peruc

Address: Peruc 439 07

Telephone: +420 415 697 175 (Úřad městyse Peruc)
: +420 415 697 290

E-mail: info@peruc.cz
WWW: www.peruc.cz

Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region

The village about 10 km from Louny is famous for its baroque castle from the 18th century on the former fortness with a lovely staircase decorated by sculptures from J.Platzer. Nearby there is the famous “Oldrich Oak”, the tree of love of the Czech knight Oldrich who met his future wife Bozena just here. In the village there we can admire the Bozena well. Museum of Czech village and Cech´s (beautiful) view point are in Peruc.

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