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The Verner´s Mill

Address: Brloh 26, Louny 440 01

Mobile phone: +420 607 952 347

E-mail: vernermlyn@seznam.cz
WWW: www.vernermlyn.cz

Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region
GPS: 50°18'40.1"N, 13°49'27.58"E

The Verner´s mill in Brloh u Loun is the historical mill working on the wheel orientation powered by a vertical waterwheel through a gearing mechanism, and the other equipped with a horizontal waterwheel without such a mechanism. It is proclaimed the national technical monument. On the weekend you can visit the mill exposition and take part in the theme workshop. Local quince marmalade is the local hand-made product. You can digest it here or cook it yourself.


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