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The Monastery of Ročov

Address: Ročov 201, Ročov 439 67

Telephone: +420 415 652 395 (pouze ve všední dny)

E-mail: info@farnostlouny.com
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Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region

The church of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven in Dolni Rocov was established in the late 14th century by Albrecht von Kolowraty. In 1715-1718 the monastery was rebuilt according the plans of G. Santini. The frontage and interiors are decorated by the statues of K.I. Dientzenhofer. In 1950 the monastery was closed by the state and it was used as the storage place, prison and the hospital for mentally handicapped people. The buildings were returned to the Augustinian in 1989. Now it is a storage place for the humanitarian help owned by the Prague Charity organization. The guided tour is possible by booking ahead.

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