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Rana hill

Address: Raná 439 24

Telephone: +420 415 679 247 (obecní úřad)
Mobile phone: +420 777 575 337 (ubytování)

E-mail: sklenikrana@seznam.cz (ubytování)
WWW: www.ranskahora.cz

Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region

The massive basalt hill with the steppe natural conditions, state national reserve covering an area of 1,5 ha, with rare south Russian feather grass (Stipa pennata) and different species of insect. There are very famous colonies of hamsters. It is the center of the hang gliding, training and operation of a parachute hang-gliding and model-gliding.


GPS 50.4069269N, 13.7712689E

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