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Louny – Jimlín – Pravda (Pnětluky)

Louny – Jimlín – Pravda (Pnětluky)Louny – Jimlín – Pravda (Pnětluky)

Route length: 20 km

Route description:

  • walking (c. 20.5 km), from Louny (Mírové Square) along the red-marked path to Zbrašín (at the waterworks), from there along the blue-marked path as far as the parting of roads below Pravda
  • by car (c. 20 min.), route Louny (the Mírové Square), Jimlín, Opočno, Hřivice, Konětopy, parting of roads below Pravda (16.5 km), possibility of parking in the village green at Pnětluky or directly below Pravda (from Pnětluky in the direction of Domoušice turn at the crossroads to Solopysky).

We would like to point out that there is a parking place in the forest!

  • by train (c. 25 min.), from Louny railway station: route Louny – Rakovník (by way of Jimlín, Opočno, Touchovice, Hřivice); get off at Konětopy, then walk to Pnětluky, from there take the green-marked path to the ruined castle of Pravda (c. 1.5 km).
  • by bicycle (c. 50 min.), route Louny (Mírové Square), Jimlín, Opočno, Hřivice, Konětopy, parting of roads below Pravda (16.5 km)



A picturesque village in the southwest of Louny. On the village green there is a square, Late-Baroque chapel.



On a hill above the m


unicipality there is Nový hrad, originally a late-Gothic castle from the 15th century, reconstructed to a chateau in a Baroque style. It has a striking Baroque onion-domed tower. On the left-hand side, opposite the chateau, there is a Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk, placed on a decorated pedestal, made of local sandstone. On a garden fencing wall of house No. 225 by the through road in the municipality, there is another statue of St John of Nepomuk. A neo-Romanesque chapel from the 19th century can be found on the village green.

Chateau Nový hrad

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In the middle of the municipality there is one-nave Baroqu


e church of the Assumption of the Holy Virgin Mary, built on the base of an older Gothic church. A lower part of the tower with groined vault, from the original Gothic construction, has been preserved in the basement. On the village green, in the vicinity of the church, there is a Baroque statue of St John of Nepomuk on a rectangular pedestal.
Natural places of interest: In the west of the municipality in the turning between Lipenec and Opočno there are outcrops of ferric aluminosilicate sandstone ("a fold of Malenice"), fossilized sea species from the Cretaceous period.



A late-Baroque square masonry chapel with a polyhedral roof, located on the village green, dates back to the 18th century.



On a hilltop above the village green there is the Baroque one-nave church of St James in a place where an older Gothic church used to be, later destroyed by a fire. In the niches of its facade there are statues of SS Prokop and Vojtěch. In the north of the church there is a belfry with a clock.



A late-Baroque chapel with a campanile, closeby a cross with a relief of the Virgin Mary on a pedestal, folk work. In the east of the municipality hill Bor can be seen, with an ancient site of a fortified settlement not yet archeologically surveyed.



On a hilltop in the municipality there is a late-Baroque one-nave church of St Matthew with a triangular gable in the western facade and a spire over presbytery. From the built-up area of the municipality a one-storey Baroque granary above a pond has been preserved, in whose masonry, an old stronghold of Pnětluky is, allegedly, hidden. About 1.5 km southeast of the municipality of Pnětluky, accessible along the green-marked path, the ruined castle Pravda has been preserved in the forest. Its origin is not quite clear. From the fortifications the castle ramparts, deep vallums, a moat, and a huge mound with artillery posts in the northern settlement of the castle. Parts of a gate in the shape of a tower, and two residential buildings have been preserved in the masonry, of which a palace with a preserved cellar was situated in the western corner.
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