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Kounov stone-lines

Address: Kounov 44, Kounov 270 06

Telephone: +420 313 512 956
Mobile phone: +420 778 084 656

E-mail: kounov@obec-kounov.cz
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Type: Destinations
Location: Louny Region
GPS: 50°13'34.6"N, 13°41'48.08"E

Close to the village Domousice, in the Natural park Dzban there are strange lines of stones, which are called the Czech Carnac. You should go from the village to the forest to see all lines of stones. The purpose of this unusual construction is still unknown. It is said the lines should have helped people with any astronomical data, but nobody knows. The longest line is 450 m long. Of course, you find here any info-boards.


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