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The best of Louny

The oldest stone building of puppetry in the Czech Republic

Loutkové divadlo

  - built in 1920

  - tradition since 1903

  - production marionetts

  - statewide show of the puppet groups "Raškovy Louny"


The deepest curative mineral spring in the Czech Republic

Pramen Luna


- 1200 m deep

- applicable for patients with stomach illnesses

- is not applicable for cardiacs, children and pregnant women

- similar quality waters are in Georgia  in Borzomi and in France in Vichy,      nowhere else in Europe we can find it

- its permanent temperature, the spring is available the whole year round




The warmest place of the Czech Republic

Klima v ČR


- the driest place of the Czech Republic, i.e. the rain shadow

- the effect of the rain shadow of The Ore Mountains low raining

- average precipitation amount of the year is 300 - 500 mm



The 1st Garden City in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy (architect J.Kotera – Kotera colony)

Kotěrova kolonie-

- Jan Kotera architect

- the first practical use theory of Garden City in Czech Republic

- one of the oldest experiment of use the theory of Garden City in Europe

- connection city and country life



The longest inundation bridge in the Czech Republic (275 m long)


Inundační most      - 275 m long

     - in flooding used for traffic connection on the route Louny Leipzig

     - important technical sight with 40 archs





The last building of the great architect Benedikt Rejt – St. Nicholas church


Chrám sv. Mikuláše

- dominant of town, one of the masterwork Czech late gothic

- the unique roof, which evokes hills of the Central Bohemian Uplands

- monumental carved altar




Lt. Otakar Jaros, the first non-Russian hero of the Soviet Union (*Louny 1.8.1912)


Otakar Jaroš



- commander 1st  millitary group 1st Czechoslovakia battalion in the   Soviet       Union

- passionate photographer, a lot of photos from Buzuluk are from him





Louny town will be survived among 5 towns after the end of the world


Louny na mapě


- according the legend Louny town (with Pilsen, Klatovy, Zatec and Slaný) will be survived after the end of the world



Central Bohemian Massive – the rare and unique fauna and flora 


České středohoří

- flora: Stipa pennata, Adonis aestivalis

- fauna: Spermophilus citellus, Papilio machaon and important kinds of birds, spiders and beetles


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