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Louny – the experience for gourmands

Louny is situated not only on the river Eger, but also in the fertile area of the Czech Republic, southwards from the Central Bohemian Massive. It is known as one of the best agricultural regions. The diet of the locals was always rich and varied thanks a wide choice of products. Even today there are hop-yards, vineyards, orchards and golden endless fields. All these products are used for the daily diet of inhabitants and also are set on the menu in local restaurants.

If you would like to have some delicious lunch in Louny visit any of the local restaurants, which are mostly situated in the historical center. They offer the wide choice of local dishes and beer or wine. If you sit in the restaurant close to the city walls you can admire the lovely landscape directly from your table.

The lovers of local product must visit our “farmer´s grocery shop” where all bio products are available for reasonable price. For unforgettable experience you can visit any local farm and spend a day there to help them and try their products directly on the spot. In the closest surrounding there are many mini-breweries and distilleries, which are open for general public too. Even in Louny there is said: “Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are.”  (J.A. Brillat)

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