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The art in Louny district

When we put together two very strong and impressive natural elements like the Central Bohemian Massive and the river Eger, we get the impulse for the painters and artists to create any masterpiece. For decades the Louny district has been famous for its group of artists, especially painters.

The first idea you get when you read this text it is the picture of the painter silently standing in the fields to draw the stunning nature, river, hills and meadows on his canvas. The modern time offered us even the art photography. The photographers are strolling through meadows and catching the unforgettable snaps of the local landscape. The Louny hills are famous for its mystical color changes qua time and weather. Here we can list some famous Masters like Z. Sykora, V. Mirvald, E. Holarek and E. Filla.

The nature aside the river Eger (Ohre) has become the inspiration for the composers. In Louny and the nearby village Citoliby there was the group of musicians, where E.Tregler, K.B. Kopriva and Z. Sestak belonged to.

In our town we can find some examples of the architectural masterpieces from Benedikt Biedt, Kamil Hilbert (houses of Art Nouveau), and Jan Kotera (1st garden city in Central Europe – the residential area for the railway workers). In Louny you can find many interesting places representing mastership of some Louny inhabitants. The real landscape is the masterpiece of nature itself, but in local galleries there are wonderful works of art showing the visions of their masters.

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