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Zatec gate with walls

Zatec gate with wallsZatec gate with walls

Address: Louny

Type: Monuments
Location: Louny

The Žatec Gate was build in 1500 as stated in one of the three Latin inscriptions on the  front facade. It was not a gate in all intents and purposes – that one was situated a little more to the east on Žatecká streer and the date of its demolition is not known. Today’s Žatec Gate was situated in front of the original gate. Until 1841 there had been a wooden corridor under the roof instead of a castle wall. The second town gate was called „Prague gate“ and was situated at the end of the Prague street opposite to the basic school. It was demolished in 1861. Žatec Gate is part of the city fortifications built simultaneously with the establishment of the city during the 2nd half of the 15th century. The inside gothic fortification wasn’t completely preserved. It is particularl noticeable in the back rooms of the houses on Česká street (Czech street) and in the ditch framed by walls on „Na Valích“ street. Section plans of prismatic bastions can be seen in some parts of the masonry. The walls can be observed on the southern, western and northern side of the town. A walk through the ramparts over the river is very impressive. Two cannon bastions are on Žižkova street. A prismatic tower and several semi-circular bastions are – along with tho Renaissance city imblem – noticable on the north side of the city ramparts.  

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