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The legend of the Oblik hill

There are three hills of the Central Bohemian Massive which are very important for Louny citizens: the Cervenak, also called the Stribrnik, on the left from the main road there is the Rana hill with three round tops and the Oblik hill, which is also called in the local dialect Hoblik, it was earlier bare hill with the dimple on its top. On the slope, there is a farm-house and there used to be the chapel of St.George. It was possible to get married there. But the marriages finished sometimes in disasters.  

Many centuries ago the daughter of the rich Louny merchant should get married with the nobleman from Prague. He promised her parents much money, which they wanted and therefore they did not care about his age. He was too old for Rosemarie and she was refusing him and implored her parents to change their mind. She loved the young coachman from the local homestead. The parents insisted on the wedding on the top of the Oblik hill. When the coach reached the top, all wedding guests disappeared nobody knew where. Since that moment nobody has seen them. The chapel was pulled down and the mystical crater does not “swallow” any people anymore. 

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