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Kotera Colony – Garden City in Louny

Address: Jarošova 932, Louny 44001

Type: Monuments
Location: Louny
GPS: 50°21'26.04"N, 13°49'26.93"E

On the east side of Louny, on the hill above the main station, there is a significant part of modern Czech architecture – Kotera colony. The colony arose in the early 20th century as the residential area for the railway staff, designed by Jan Kotera, the significant Czech architect. Thanks the financial limits only the half was finished. Nowadays we have 53 houses, incl. 2 laundry rooms, but there were planned shops, church, school, which were never built.

Overall, the colony fulfilled the expectations and became not only the example of successful application of a garden city in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.


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