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Guided tours in Louny

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Type: Guided tours
Location: Louny

If you are passing the royal town Louny and you have any time to stop here do not miss this chance. You leave the road R7 and drive to the historical town center where you can admire the gothic, renaissance and empire buildings and churches.To learn more about this historical town under the peaks of the Bohemian Central Mountains, you can book a guided tour which is by appointment available. For general public we offer several tours in czech language on the fixed dates in summer.

You can book your tour ahead.


Tour no.1: Historical center of Louny (60 min.)

You see: main square, town hall, city walls and Zatec gate, St.Nicholas church, Renaissance semidetached house, Jewish synagogue.


Tour no. 2: Architecture of 19th and 20th century (90 min.)

You see: buildings of K.Hilbert and J.Mocker (Art Nouveau, Neo-gothic), town hospital, old barracks, school building.


Tour no. 3: Kotera´s colony – Garden city (45 min.)

You see: the 1st garden city in Austro-Hungarian monarchy designed by arch. Jan Kotera (53 houses in functionalism, the special residential area for the railway staff built in 1913).


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