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Churches in Louny

Address: Náměstí Benedikta Rejta 2300, Louny 44001

Type: Monuments
Location: Louny

St. Peter Church

The oldest church in Louny, which is dated till 12th century and its fundaments are the roman style. It is mentioned in 1359 for the first time, but we know the church which was rebuilt in 1451-1463. The reconstruction was paid and lead by the House of Cerncice, the rich city dwellers that placed their emblem above the west portico. Outside the church there was a graveyard which was surrounded by the wall with many arcades and decorations. The best-known is the fresco from V. Strasryba above the southern gate. Later at the time of Joseph II. The graveyard was not used at all and the church was sold out to a rich man from from Citoliby (1871), who had had plans to rebuild it into the family tomb. But Mr. F. Hyra got into red very soon and was unable to finance it, therefore the church was returned back to the Town of Louny, whose property is up to now. Nowadays you can find there the lapidaries and original statues of M. Braun( copies are in Citoliby).

Church of the Fourteen Holy Helpers

It is the church in a baroque style surrounded by the graveyard which was built in 1680, the plaque time in Louny, to bury the victims of this illness. The name was given because of the Need of Holy Help. In 1738 there was established an official hermit to supervise this church and graves – the Ivanitas. Today we can find there many interesting portraits of st. Erasmus, George, Eustachio, Margaret, Katharine etc.

The church of Our Lady

This small church in the Louny suburb was built after the Hussite war to replace the destroyed one. It is built in a gothic style but it is very simple and it is decorated only by the relief of V. Strasryba on its northern side – the Resurrection of Lazarus. Now it is closed for general public.

The church of the Czechoslovak Hussite Church

Since 1920 this church was one of the most powerful in Louny and had the highest number of members. At the beginning they used the Church of st. Nicolaus, but after 6 years they should accept the room at the local school, therefore they needed their own church. It was built in 1932 in the functionalism style, designed by arch. Otakar Polak. The sculptor Josef Stybr from Mutejovice curved the altar “Jesus Christ, the friend of small children”. The organ was dedicated to Mr. E. Tregler, the famous composer. You can admire the Nativity scene since 1940 made by Emanuel Trnka from Pribram.


The Evangelical Church of Czech Brethren

The church was built in early 20th century in the functionalism and it is very interesting to see its organ, which is very huge to be placed on the crates and it is placed just in the main ship and the space is totally influenced and changed by it. If you visit the church, you must contact the vicar ahead.

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