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The Regional Museum in Louny

The District Museum in LounyThe District Museum in Louny

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Address: Pivovarská 28, Louny 440 01

Telephone: +420 415 652 456, +420 415 653 037

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Type: Museum
Location: Louny
GPS: 50°21'28.43"N, 13°47'42.5"E

The museum is suitably placed in the centre of the historical core in the buildings with monumental values, which were renovated for the purposes of the museum. One of these building is the House of Sokols from Mor. It's front is decorated by the late-gothic bay and in there is arched gothic room preserved in it's ground floor. The museum offers two permanent expositions with historical and naturalistic contents. The historical exposition is aimed on the history of north-west Bohemia in 14th and 15th century, the naturalistic exposition presents the development of the landscape in Podkrunohoří and middle Poohří (areas where the town of Louny is situated). The offer is complemented by the chain of short exhibitions during the year, which present individual collections of the museum and also the results of its research work. The palette of offered exhibitions is extended by graphic art exhibitions and exhibitions taken from other museums.

The open-air museum in Březno u Loun is part of the museum since 1994. It is unique set of reconstructions of prehistoric and early historic buildings, which were found in this locality during long systematic research by PhDr. I. Pleinerová Csc from the Archaeologic Institute in Prague.



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