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Museum "Petrifiet woodt"

Museum "Petrified wood"

Sladovnická, Louny

Telephone: +420 415 627 940E-mail: barokni.spital@iol.cz

The District Museum in Louny

The Regional Museum in Louny

Pivovarská 28, Louny

In present days the collecting area of the museum includes the area of the district of Louny. It is the landscape with very heterogeneous history and nature. The composition of its collections assigns the District Museum to the kind of homeland studying.

Telephone: +420 415 652 456, +420 415 653 037E-mail: info@muzeumlouny.czWWW: www.muzeumlouny.cz

Březno u Postoloprt

Archaeological museum Březno near Louny

Březno u Postoloprt

Mobile phone: +420 771 125 716E-mail: skanzen@muzeumlouny.czWWW: www.archeoskanzenbrezno.cz

Louny Webcam

Louny Webcam, Hotel Caramell
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